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Universal App

SimplyShare is a universal app to:

  1. Share your Photos, Videos and files with other iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and computers
  2. Download or upload photos / videos / files directly from a computer
  3. View MS Office, iWork, PDF files and file manager

Share Files, Photos or Videos:

  • Transfer any number of files, photos or videos with any size to other iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) via Wi-Fi
  • Download files, photos or videos with any size to your computer via Wi-Fi
  • Upload multiple files, photos or videos with any size from your computer to your device via WiFi
  • Transfer your files via USB cable (iTunes sync)
  • View all your photo albums, videos and files on your device from a computer
  • Slideshow all the photos of an album on a computer (on web browser)
  • Display your photos on other iOS devices without transfer/saving them
  • Send a short/quick text message from your computer or other iOS devices to your own iDevice
  • Email files or photos from your device

Download Files from Internet:

  • Download files browsing the Internet
  • Tap & Hold on any link or photos to save them in SimpyShare app
  • Any webpage you visit, SimplyShare automatically generates all the links to supported files (MS Office, iWork, PDF documents etc). Then you can download them by just a single tap.
  • Download images automatically by simply tapping on any image in the webpage

File Manager

  • Open or Print Microsoft Office documents (Office 97 and newer)
  • Open or Print iWork documents
  • View or Print PDF files, Images, RTF documents, CSV, HTML and Text files
  • Play Audio and Video files
  • Move, Copy delete files/folder or create new folders
  • Save images or videos to Photos Album