Pocket Files

Hide and manage your private photos, videos and documents

One app for both iPhone and iPad

Pocket Files is the ultimate tool to manage and keep your Photos, Videos and Documents safe and private. Easily capture or import your photos/videos from a device or computer, create new albums (folders) and text files. Set passcode for the albums or launching the app and catch the intruder’s picture (including GPS location) who attempt to break-in to your app or folders.


  • Simple and elegant photo, video and file manager, create new folders (or albums), text files and import photos/videos
  • Access and send the files from Messages app on iOS device
  • Lock & password-protect any folders and its files
  • Break-in report: catch photo and location of any intruder who tries to break-in to your app
  • Import photos/videos from your device or any other apps on your device that support "Open In.."
  • Take photo or record videos inside the app
  • Easily import or export files from your computer wirelessly or iTunes
  • View photos, videos, PDF, ZIP, Microsoft Office documents or iWork files