Simple Transfer

Wirelessly Transfer photos/videos between iOS devices and computer

One app for both iPhone and iPad

Simple Transfer is the easiest way of transferring your Photos and Videos to computer and other iOS devices wirelessly. No need for cable, iTunes or extra softwares on your computer!


  • View, download and upload all your photos and videos on your computer using a web browser
  • Transfer unlimited photos and videos between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), select an album and tap on the "Select All" to transfer all your photos/videos
  • Photos are transferred with full resolution including metadata and videos transferred with the highest quality available
  • Optional passcode system for accessing the website
  • Create new albums and transfer photos/videos to any selected album
  • Slideshow photo albums on your computer's browser
  • Compatible with iOS 8.1+. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux!
  • Simple Transfer does not use or transfer your files to any external server. It provides a completely private website that can only be accessed by computers connected directly to your local WiFi network. Your photos and videos cannot be accessed from the Internet.

Transfer between computer and iOS devices

Use any web browser on your computer (PC, Mac or Linux) to transfer photos and videos from/to your device. No need to install any other software or apps on your computer!

Transfer between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices

Easily select the name of the receiving device from Devices list and transfer all your photos/videos in seconds