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PixGen, where your imagination meets the extraordinary power of AI-driven art. Our app transforms your ideas into visually stunning creations, offering an array of styles from the whimsical to the surreal.

Dive into a realm where art is not just created, but brought to life, all with just a tap on your screen. With PixGen, every stroke of imagination is a step towards a masterpiece.

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Innovative Features

Instant Art Generation

PixGen is a portal to a world where your imagination takes visual form. Whether you're an artist or someone who appreciates the beauty of digital creation, PixGen is your ultimate tool.

Widget Wonder

Craft widgets that showcase your art. Display a single masterpiece or a carousel of favorites on your iOS Home screen.

Stunning Wallpapers

Say goodbye to mundane screens. PixGen seamlessly creates backgrounds that reflect your style and mood.

World of Inspiration

Explore a curated gallery of magnificent AI-generated images from artists worldwide.

Extensive Style Library

Access over 220 unique Styles - from Anime, Cyberpunk, and Tattoo to Graffiti, Fantasy, Digital and Pop Art, through to Surrealism, Horror, Manga, Gothic, and Sculpture-Inspired creations. Get ready to transform your ideas into stunning artworks with unparalleled variety.
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