Simple Transfer

Transfer photos & videos from iPhone or iPad to Computer.

Simple Transfer is the easiest way of transferring all your photos and videos between computer and iOS devices wirelessly (or USB) and saving your photos and videos to Windows compatible format. No need for cable or iTunes!

Simple Transfer app
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Innovative Features

Simple Transfer offers many features that are missing from Apple ecosystem.

Transfer large videos

There is no file size limit when downloading large videos with Simple Transfer, which helps many users who struggle with transferring large 4K videos to PC.

Free up space

Free up space by automatically deleting transferred photos and videos. The Desktop app offers many filters to easily select photos and delete them at once.

Highest quality

Photos are transferred with full resolution including metadata and videos are downloaded with the highest quality available.

Convert photos and videos

iPhone and iPad devices capture photos in High Efficiency format, HEIC by default. Easily convert HEIC photos to Windows compatible JPG format and vice versa using the Simple Transfer Desktop app.

iOS 11+ record videos in High Efficiency format (HEVC). Simple Transfer gives you the option to convert your HEVC videos to MP4 or MOV format, compatible with Windows (H.264)

Simple Transfer - Convert Photo and Video

Transfer between iOS devices

Simple Transfer app - Transfer between devices

Transfer directly between your iPhone or iPad devices as long as you are on the same WiFi network. Simple Transfer copies photos and videos to the receiving device exactly as they are originally recorded.

You can install Simple Transfer and use the premium features for free on all of your iOS devices as long as you use the same Apple ID or Family Sharing.

Photo Cleaner

Photo Cleaner is a powerful feature for removing duplicate photos and videos from your device, keeping your albums neat and organized. It can also remove photos and videos that are too large and no longer relevant to your album.

You can also use Photo Organizer to easily select and filter photos to delete, favorite, unfavorite, hide and unhide them.

Simple Transfer - Convert Photo and Video

Transfer Live Photos

Live Photo Photo Video HEIC JPG Original MOV/MP4

Live Photos are originally saved as a photo and short video in the Photos app. Most apps only download the photo version and make you lose the precious video forever!

With Simple Transfer, you can download photo, video or both photo + video. Additionally, it lets you download Windows compatible formats: JPG, MOV/MP4, original photo (HEIC) and video (HEVC) all at once.

It's lightning fast.

Transferring large videos between your iPhone, iPad and computer is blazing fast. Simple Transfer is at least 50x faster than Bluetooth when using WiFi.

USB transfer is even much faster, since it is not limited to your WiFi speed or the distance between your device and router.

WiFi Transfer

Desktop app automatically detects your iPhone and iPad as soon you open the Simple Transfer app on your device. No iTunes is needed! They just need to be connected to the same WiFi network.

USB Transfer

If you do not have access to a WiFi network, just connect your device to computer using a USB cable, and your all set. No Internet or WiFi necessary!

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