MaxVault - FAQ

How to view a quick tour of the app?

Open the MaxVault app and tap on the Info button on the top left of the screen to view a live demo of the app.

Where are my files stored?

To protect your privacy, MaxVault hides and stores your files in your device only. They never go on the Internet or stored on any server.

Note that if you delete the MaxVault app, your files saved in the app will also be deleted. Make sure to backup your files to your computer if you need to delete the app for any reason.

How to backup my files?

You can transfer your files to your computer using the WiFi Transfer feature in the app. You can also copy/move your files to the iTunes Files folder in the app and access them from the iTunes app as explained here.

How to transfer my files from my old device to new device?

All the files in MaxVault are automatically transferred to the new phone when you use the iOS backup/restore feature. MaxVault also offers three options to transfer your files to the new device:

I have already purchased the Premium upgrade. Why does it show the Upgrade screen?

If you have already purchased the Premium version, you don't need to pay again when you delete/reinstall your app. Just open the MaxVault app and select the Restore Purchase button on the screen. Then enter the same Apple ID you used to upgrade the app.

How to recover my forgotten passcode?

You will need to have already created a password recovery account in the App Settings to recover passcode. MaxVault specifically prompts you to create one when you set the launch passcode.
When you enter wrong passcode 5 times consecutively, MaxVault will prompt you to send your passcode (or folder password) to your recovery email address.

How to change the icon of a video file?

Tap on the Settings button of the video file and select the Settings option. Then choose the Icon option to see the screen where you can change the frame for the video by scrolling or swiping the keyframe to the right.

Can I create more than one vault?

You can create as many vaults as you need. Secondary vaults can only be created when you are in the Primary vault. Note that most of the app settings are not available in the secondary vaults.

When you import a file from another app using MaxVault Sharing Extension, they will be automatically saved in the Imports folder of primary vault.

How to switch between vaults?

When you create a new vault, you have to assign it a unique passcode. The only way to switch between them is just opening the app and entering the passcode assigned to that specific vault.

How can I arrange my files manually?

Drag & drop items by long-pressing them to change their order in the list manually.

Can I sort my files in different order?

Yes, just tap on the arrow sign on top of each folder to view the sort options. You can sort by name, file size, modified and imported date. Tap on the same option to change its ascending or descending.

How can I change the thumbnail size or view the items as listview?

Select the thumb icon on top right of each folder to see the view type option.

How can I connect to my personal cloud accounts directly from the app?

You can login and connect to Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud Drive in the MaxVault, where you can can easily copy and paste files to/from the app. Open App Settings > File Manager > Show Default Folders to show them in the main screen.

Can I access my files from Messages app?

Yes, just select the MaxVault extension from the messages app. You will be prompted to enter your passcode if you have set one.

How can I rename photo/video or folder?

You can change the filename or other properties of an item by choosing the Settings button on the Item. The Settings button is visible for all photos in the listview. In the thumbnail view mode, you will need to enable it in the App Settings > Photos > Show Settings Button.

How do I lock my files in iTunes Files and iCloud Drive folders?

iTunes Files and iCloud Drive folders cannot be password protected since they can be accessed from computer or other devices using the same Apple account. Please move them to other folders inside the app if you want them locked.

What is bookmark file?

Bookmark files are just a shortcut to open a website. Instead of opening the Web Browser and selecting a bookmark from menus, simply tap on the bookmark item on the folder to open it in the web browser. Bookmark files can be saved in any folder.

How can I select multiple items?

Tap on the Select button on top right of the screen to go to selection mode. In the selection mode, you can swipe to select items quickly or just choose the Select All option from the navigation bar.

How can you help MaxVault?

If you love the app, please share it with friends! Word of mouth is really the only way for indie apps to survive. Thanks so much for helping.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please refer to this page on how to cancel it. Apple is the only one that can cancel your subscriptions and it's not possible to do it directly from the app.